Pedro Navarro, Event Styling  It is a design team specialized in decoration and production for weddings and events. Based in Marbella, Spain, it has a wide repertoire of works carried out over more than 25 years of experience. Always looking for innovation and constantly evolving, our hallmark has been and is always creating new aesthetic approaches.

Weddings in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Mallorca, Seville, Valencia or Malaga with an emphasis on romantic, naturalistic and constantly evolving designs we develop our work contemplating both the concept and each of the elements that will be part of the final set.

Both furniture and lighting, floral production, linens, stalls or utensils are a single piece that has to have harmony in your personalized set.

Inspired by art, in history, in the fine arts, music and nature, our projects try to always be new, fresh and not follow previously established patterns, in fact we even have and are pioneers in integrating unpublished materials so far in Many cases like furniture and decoration elements.

Pedro Navarro

Owner / Founder

Pedro Navarro (Lorca 1975) Bachelor of Fine Arts, florist with training in various Floral Art Schools and wedding stylist backed by more than 25 years of experience and a repertoire of projects that are the reflection of the constant search to which this professional dedicates his life.

Since November 21, 1992 Pedro has been forming a team with professionals for the integral decoration of spaces and their function, has consisted and consists of examining and studying everything that is seen (aesthetic), to provide the possible stylistic needs; flowers, carpets, platforms, chairs, ceilings, utensils, lighting and all the resources we can imagine.

Pedro Navarro


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