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Pedro Navarro

“The world is full of things, and it is really necessary to someone find them”

Astrid Lindgren


Pedro Navarro It is synonymous with decoration and floral styling. This is supported by his training in Fine Arts along with his more than 20 years of experience, during which he has formed a team with professionals dedicated to the integral decoration of spaces. Think of us to carry out a floral decoration project, because we are dedicated to generating dream spaces, elegant and personalized, using all the resources we have to beautify with flowers the space you want, as you have dreamed.

Weeding Styling

The wedding is a very special day in life and it has to be perfect, just like in your dreams. We help you to manage the complete staging of your wedding, transforming a normal space into a special one, thanks to our team of professionals, who will examine the aesthetics (what you see) and then provide the stylistic solutions, which includes flowers, carpets, platforms, chairs, ceilings, lighting and all the resources we can imagine to transform your special day into your dream day, into your fairy tale.

Party and Events

Our team of expert professionals will be in charge of decorating your parties and events, covering all aspects, including lighting and scenery creating elegant and personal atmospheres, seeking to show the beauty and integral excellence of the space, with the touch that only we can deliver .

Your parties and events are for you to enjoy. Trust us.



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